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Pranav Pawar

Sharing my learnings and documenting my journey on YouTube and Newsletter | See all my custom portfolios here: bit.ly/PranavCustomPortfolio

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  Working at Hive School

My Collaborators
  • 3 Day Notion Session for 30 Days of No-Code

    WHAT IS 30 DAYS OF NO-CODE? - No-Code is adopted by most startups and companies. It is growing a lot. - 30 Days of No-C...

    13 May 2024

  • I made Notion Templates

    BACKGROUND - I Have been using Notion for over 2 years for my personal and content creation use. - I also make Notion T...

    22 Apr 2024

  • We hosted India's first SaaS Mixer

    WHAT IS HIVE SCHOOL? [Hive School](hiveschool.co) is a sales school, where we have a program in in B2B and SAAS Sales....

    12 Apr 2024

  • Made reels for Masters' Union Innovation Lab

    Masters' Union Innovation Lab or MUIL is a part of Masters' Union which helps startups grow from 0 to 100, guides them w...

    14 Feb 2024

  • Designed Gumroad Product Thumbnails

    BACKGROUND - I make Notion Templates and sell them. - Earlier, I used Gumroad to sell the templates. But now, I changed...

    20 Jan 2024

  • Designed Hive School Website

    WHAT IS HIVE SCHOOL? [Hive School](hiveschool.co) is a sales school, where we have a program in in B2B and SAAS Sales....

    03 Jan 2024

  • Founder's Office

    Hive School

    Hive School is a New Sales School. It is a PGP in B2B and Saas Sales. My role is doing a bunch of things and working on...

    02 Dec 2023 - Present

  • Student Calender

    BACKGROUND - I study at Masters' Union. - My college didn't have a central place where they could update the students a...

    15 Oct 2023

  • Hosted a session on Notion 101

    BACKGROUND - I have been using [Notion](https://www.notion.so/)since 2021 for my personal use and managing my content c...

    28 Sep 2023

  • Notion 101 MasterClass with MarkitUp [Community Session]

    I hosted a session for MarkitUp. Here's what I covered: - What is Notion and how to use it - Fundamentals of Notion - L...

    17 Aug 2023

  • Tweets for Fueler Twitter account

    OBJECTIVE I was a social media manager intern at Fueler. As a social media manager, I was responsible for creating and...

    14 Aug 2023

  • 2 YouTube videos I made for Fueler

    BACKGROUND - I have worked with Fueler and when I initially started worked with them, I managed their YouTube Channel....

    06 Aug 2023

  • Wrote blogs for Fueler

    BACKGROUND - I have worked in [Build Academy](https://twitter.com/BuildAcademyHQ), a startup which teaches No Code to p...

    12 Jun 2023

  • Content Creation playbook for Beginner Creators

    BACKGROUND - [100 Days of No Code](https://www.100daysofnocode.com/) conducted their MVP BootCamp in May. - In the Boot...

    28 May 2023

  • Did a podcast for Fueler

    OBJECTIVE - Writing on the Internet can Help you a lot. But as a beginner writers, there are many who are confused abou...

    06 May 2023

  • Social Media Manager Intern


    OBJECTIVE I was a social media manager intern at Fueler. As a social media manager, I was responsible for creating and...

    17 Apr 2023 - 12 Aug 2023

  • One week plan for Fueler on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Objective: To a weekly content plan for Fueler's Twitter and Instagram Tools: Notion Project value: ₹4000-₹4500 Timel...

    05 Apr 2023

  • Cold Email Template for podcasters

    Description: I worked with [Thousand Faces Club](https://www.thousandfaces.club/) as a Community Outeach Intern and my r...

    01 Apr 2023

  • Great Minds Notion Database | No Code

    Objective: I love studying people's minds how they did what they did, their backstories, their failures and their lives....

    20 Mar 2023

  • YouTube Manager

    Build Academy

    As an YouTube Manager for [Vensy Krishna's](https://www.youtube.com/vensykrishna) YouTube channel, I work on the data, a...

    14 Feb 2023 - 31 Mar 2023

  • Community Outreach Intern

    Thousand Faces Club

    As a Community Outreach intern, my role was to find and invite creators on Thousand Faces Club's different IPs such as P...

    13 Feb 2023 - 17 Mar 2023

  • Riten Debnath's Knowledge Database on Notion | No Code

    I did a podcast with the founder of Fueler Riten and while reaching out about him, I got lots of resources made by him o...

    10 Feb 2023

  • Fueling your career with proof of work | ft. Riten Debnath | Podcast

    In this episode of Unscripted with Pranav, I talk to Riten, the founder of Fueler.io, where we discuss his journey of bu...

    23 Dec 2022

  • Secured 2nd position in the Fueler's Blog Challenge

    I participated in the Fueler's Blog Challenge and I wrote 5 Blogs on Medium. I secured the 2nd Position in the Best Writ...

    Fueler,  20 Dec 2022

  • Got featured in Fueler Weekly 96

    I was selected as trending profile of the week as had participated in the Fueler's Blog Challenge

    Fueler,  17 Dec 2022

  • Creators I learnt from in 2022 | YouTube Video

    Here are the creators I discovered in 2022. Here is how and what I learn from them. There is so much to learn from the g...

    16 Dec 2022

  • Things on my new year’s resolution list | Blog

    Fueler 5 days blog challenge_Day-5 It was a great experience for the Fueler Blog Challenge. This was the last blog of t...

    15 Dec 2022

  • 5 soft skills that everyone should master before they do anything in life

    Fueler 5 days blog challenge_Day-4 There are many soft skills that are important in life. But here are 5 soft skills ev...

    14 Dec 2022

  • The problem I want to fix in the world before I die

    Fueler 5 days blog challenge_Day-3 In this blog, I shared what I want to change in this world before I die. I want to c...

    13 Dec 2022

  • 10 people I admire the most on the internet

    Fueler 5 days blog challenge_Day-2 I found great teachers on the internet. I have learnt a lot from many people through...

    12 Dec 2022

  • A guide to building a daily writing habit

    Fueler 5 days blog challenge_Day-1 I participated in the Fueler blog challenge and this is the blog for day 1 of the ch...

    11 Dec 2022

  • Got featured in Epic Beings Newsletter

    I have been working in the education space for over a year through content creation and Sukun Chopra interviewed me and...

    Epic Beings,  04 Nov 2022

  • Resource kit to start writing | No Code

    Writing weekly newsletters changed my life. It helped me improve my writing skills, learn new things, connect with many...

    26 Oct 2022

  • Wrote newsletter on my learnings of being in Delhi for 1 year

    I came to Delhi a year ago. In this newsletter, I wrote my learnings from shifting to Delhi from Pune. It was a big shif...

    14 Oct 2022

  • Edited videos for The Educational Alliance

    They work for low-income children's schools across Inda and they wanted to edit 13-14 videos. It was a video editing pr...

    03 Oct 2022

  • My First Aftermovie

    A few weeks back I went to Ambala to volunteer in the Art of Living 'Happiness Program' for the Army in Ambala, Haryana....

    04 Jul 2022

  • Made a Personal Website using notion, a no-code tool

    Objective: A personal website is important. Coding is hard as many people don't know how to code. So I made a Notion web...

    01 Jun 2022

  • My Weekly Recommendations | Notion Project

    In my weekly newsletter, with my small insight, I share weekly recommendations of the good content I consumed in that we...

    01 Feb 2022

  • Mobile Photography

    I click photos on my trusty Samsung S20 FE. I post them on Instagram.

    24 Jan 2022

  • Shifting from Pune, life update and ANNOUNCEMENT | YouTube Video

    In 2021, I shifted to Delhi from Pune. I vlogged the whole experience of shifting process

    07 Nov 2021

  • Thumbnails designed for my newsletters

    I make thumbnails for my newsletters. They preview on the page. Unlike other writers, I design my own thumbnails

    05 Nov 2021

  • My Newsletter

    Every Friday, I publish a newsletter where I share my learnings, my inspiration and it's filled with a lot of creativity...

    05 Nov 2021

  • Life of a Content Creator video

    BACKGROUND [Expybio](https://twitter.com/expybio) had conducted a collaboration challenge where we had to collaborate w...

    14 Oct 2021

  • My YouTube Channel

    The Indian educational system is messed up. Everyone knows about it, but very few are taking action to change it. I want...

    25 Apr 2021

  • Designed thumbnails or my YouTube channel

    These are the thumbnails I made for my YouTube channel.

    24 Apr 2021

  • Designed carousels for Instagram

    19 May 2020

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