How to Use Fueler as a Freelancer?

02 Jul, 2022

How to Use Fueler as a Freelancer?

As a freelancer, you can never deny the importance of having an impressive portfolio. 

An Impressive Portfolio is like having a wild card that can help you get any opportunity you apply for. 

Fueler helps you create that wild card, I mean an impressive portfolio. It's a tool to create a portfolio effortlessly. 

One of the worst thing, I have struggled with and have seen people struggling with as a freelancer is sharing the collection of the best work I have. 

Either you will be sharing a list of docs/drive link or you will start building a portfolio from scratch or what you have been doing? 

And, this is one of the pains that Fueler helps you in setting yourself free from. 

Once you login into Fueler, you get to discover Fueler Bucket, it's one of the features that helps you create need specific portfolio. 

Didn't get it? 

No problem, let me tell you in detail. 

Suppose you saw a prospect who is looking for someone to write blogs for her fashion brand. 

Now, you have to impress her. Whether you will go with the way you used to do or why not allow Fueler Bucket to help you impress her. 

For that, you just have to do one thing and that is showcasing all your best work on Fueler and go to the dashboard and start creating the Fueler Bucket. 

But, while creating the Bucket, you just have to keep one thing in mind and that is select only fashion-related blogs if you have written otherwise select all the blogs and let the magic happen ✨

And, after creating the Bucket, you will get a separate portfolio only containing all your blogs-related work. 

Isn't it magical? 

Try it out now

Running out of project ideas to create an impressive portfolio? 

When you join Fueler to create your freelancing portfolio, you not only get a tool to create a portfolio, you also get project ideas that will help you make your portfolio impressive and wherever you apply you never miss those opportunities. 

Fueler Proof of Work Idea Page, in this website you will find ideas that have been helping individuals like you make 1000s of dollars every month with their Fueler portfolio. 

Proof of Work Idea Page ||

Proof of Work Idea Page ||

It's a collection of 250+ proof of work ideas around Design, Development, Marketing, Content Writing, Product Management (Coming Soon), Web3 (Coming Soon), etc.

If you are also looking for proof of work ideas to create an impressive portfolio, you can pick ideas around your domain and start working on them. 

And, if you aren't finding ideas around your domain, you can drop a message and we will help you with that. 

Is just creating proof of work portfolio enough to get clients?  

There is a very popular proverb, you must have heard about it, "if you are thirsty, you have to go to well not well will come to you"

In freelancing find some similarities with the proverb, just there is one thing that doesn't match. 

As a freelancer you are looking for opportunities (clients) and even clients are also in search of freelancers that will get their work done. 

When you use Fueler to create your portfolio, you can make your work discoverable only if you allow. 

Fueler Discover Page ||

Fueler Discover Page ||

Your work will be discovered by people around the world, from which there are some people who look for freelancers that can help them. 

And, in this way individuals get connected with opportunities by getting discovered through their work on Fueler Discover. 

Apart from all these surprising things, you get to discover more surprises when you become part of Fueler. 


Fueler Community: It's a community of dreamers and doers who love being a helping hand whenever required and carry passion for creating crazy project. 

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Exclusive Opportunity Email: Every Monday we send a hand curated list of high-quality opportunities around different domains. 

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Cold Email Templates (coming soon): It's a 100+ collection of cold email templates that we have been using for years to convert the prospects. 

Side Hustle: Here you will find hidden gems that you will not find anywhere on the internet. Don't listen to me, check it out yourself. 

Whether you are looking for high quality UI design to improve your Design or Frontend Development skill or looking for guide to learn content writing, UI/UX Design, Frontend Development or anything else. 

You will definitely find something useful, check it out now

When will I get to discover your amazing work on Fueler? 

You won't believe, there is nothing that excites me more than seeing people like you using Fueler to reduce the pain and land better opportunities without putting much effort into publishing and managing your work. 

Create your portfolio

If you face any problem, send an email at, this is the quickest way to get in touch with me. 

See you in the next blog 

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