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Your proof of work deserves a place where you can build an economy around your identity. turns your proof of work into social capital that brings you exciting opportunities

Fueler Proof of work

All your work at a place gives you the opportunity to showcase all your hard work at single platform Beautiful documentation

Beautiful documentation

Start documenting your work in the most modern way and share wherever you want Online Presence

Grow your online presence is a unique way to increase your online presence with the help your proof of work

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Fueler Multiskilled IIndividuals
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Fueler Bucket

Create multiple landing pages for your different types of work

Create a Bucket

Fueler Bucket helps you create multiple landing pages for your work while applying for internships, freelancing, or jobs.

  • Bucket for multiple work type
  • Learn Multiple skills and create
  • Monetize your work portfolio

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Select the Work

Pick all the works, around a particular need and get an instantly dynamic generated landing page for selected works.

  • Instant Dynamic Portfolio
  • Skills-based work bucket
  • Hassle-free work portfolio

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Let’s see the magic

Time to see the magic happening, just hit the button and get a brand new need specific work portfolio

  • One-click work portfolio
  • Attract multiple opportunities
  • Need-based work portfolio

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Get proof of work ideas

Write an atomic essay about one of the movie/show you have watched recently

A website that suggest who to follow on Twitter based on different domains

Build a project that will fetch all the nocode related Twitter threads

A website that shows a list of beginner-friendly open source projects

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We are not just another social platform

We aspire to become a platform that inspire you to create and helps you become self reliant with your skills and proof of work.

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