Riten Debnath's Knowledge Database on Notion | No Code

I did a podcast with the founder of Fueler Riten and while reaching out about him, I got lots of resources made by him or which he recommended on different platforms either on Twitter, Podcasts, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

So I made a database about all the content he made whether its Twitter Threads, YouTube Videos, Medium blogs, etc, I linked it in a Notion Database. I also linked all his recommendations

Tools: Notion, Super.so

Project value: $20-$30

Timeline: 2 days

Takeaway: Helped me go closer to Riten's mind and learn about startups, growth, Fueler, entrepreneurship

Video Proof of Work: I have made a video on my process of making it, and how I made the database. You can watch it here

10 Feb 2023

No Code
Web Development
Knowledge Database
Notion Database

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