Cold Email Template for podcasters

Description: I worked with Thousand Faces Club as a Community Outeach Intern and my role was to find guests for their podcasts and masterclass and reachout to them. I got responses from Hasan Kubba (autor of The Unfair Adventage), Mari Andrew (Instagram poet and author),  Eric Edmeades (Entrepreneur),  Paul Millerd (Author), etc using the email template.

Objective: Creating cold email templates for cold emailing guests on the podcast 

Tools: Notion, Gmail

Project value: ₹900-₹1200

Timeline: 1 Day

Takeaway: I was able to get responses from various great guests on my podcast. I learnt to talk to people, cold email and learn from them

Project type: I made this project so that other podcasters can also use the template and cold email guests

01 Apr 2023

Cold Emaling
Cold Emailing Guests
Cold Email

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