Fueler Proof of Work Guide [with Examples]

08 Jun, 2022

Fueler Proof of Work Guide [with Examples]

Have you ever thought of what would be the future of work? Will it be a resume-only way to validate an individual's capabilities and credibility? 

If no, then what would it be?

Let's find that out. 

If you have to judge someone's capability, what approaches will you take?

You might give them some tasks or assignments to work on or you might ask them to show the proof of what they have worked on, right?

Either way, you will get proof that whether this person is capable of handling particular roles or they are skilled enough to understand and perform the work or not. 

It's the proof of work that will be the entity to help the decision-maker select the best person for their work. Here on this article, I will share everything you need to know about this magical new thing Proof of Work. You will how how you can make the best of it in your career.

What is Proof of Work?

Proof of Work is the representation of the knowledge and skillsets you claim while approaching an opportunity. 

It can be the shareable link you get after building a project whether it's design, writing, marketing, nocode or development work.

Proof of work is your own published work. When you learn something new and create a project or a product out of it, it is proof of work. Proof of work could be your work from design, writing, marketing, nocode or development.

Proof of work helps you build an edge in the crowd. It proves you are highly skilled and an experienced learner. Someone who can be trusted for opportunities.

Do Companies look for Proof of Work?

Yes, there are thousands of companies who do not ask for your degrees or any certifications, they just ask you to share the proof of work you have. For the role, you are applying for there. 

And, boooom πŸ’₯

If your proof of work impresses them, your interview will be scheduled without asking anything else. 

It's applied to all domains, whether you are from a design domain or marketing domain. 

Show your proof of work and land the opportunity. 

Do Startups look for Proof of Work?

You will be surprised to know this, there are startups that are hiring new team members in just 10 minutes of an interview. I am not making this, let me show you, otherwise you won't believe in my words. 

You must be thinking, how did they evaluate a random person and hire them. 

And, the answer to your question is "Proof of Work". They evaluated them based on their proof of work and nothing else. 

Proof of work makes hiring new team members super easy and that's why startups are making it part of their hiring culture. 

"If you have proof of work, welcome onboard or tata bye bye",
~ a startup hiring team

How does Proof of Work help in getting a job?

When you show proof of work, that means you know how to figure out stuff. Because you have been doing that already. 

Proof of Work is a VIP ticket that helps you get into any job you are looking for. 

That VIP ticket shows your credibility and capabilities for doing things that a company would need to grow. 

If you are aware of the current hiring process followed by companies, they ask for the things you have done around the role you are applying for. 

Proof of Work shows them your understanding of the role you are applying for. It's a simplified form of medium that helps employers or decision-makers evaluate the person.

Fueler Proof of Work Engine

Fueler Proof of Work Engine

Why should you care about reading further?

If you have read till this, that means you are someone who values their time and efforts, someone who loves and cares about what they create. 

You are the only person in this universe who should read further because you are the one who holds the power to create, the power to come up with creative ideas, power to make the world more efficient. 

Let's discover what's further πŸ‘‡

Whether you are a writer, marketer, developer, designer, educator, photographer or student, every one of us has proof of work, it's just a matter of fact that we are unaware of it so we do not care much about it. 

What industry leaders are saying about Proof of Work?

What is Proof of Work? || Fueler.io

What is Proof of Work? || Fueler.io

Examples of Proof of Work as a Writer

1. A blog published on the internet

A blog published somewhere on the internet is your proof of work. 


2. A newsletter you run by creating content by yourself

Do you run a newsletter? 

It's your proof of work that represents your ability to create and market.


3. Twitter threads you have written

Writing a Twitter thread is not an easy task, it takes a lot of effort and time to come up with a well-explained thread. A thread is your proof of work, it shows your writing skill. 


4. An ebook you have published

An ebook is the most impactful proof of work an individual can have. It represents your understanding and depth of knowledge about a particular topic along with your writing, storytelling, and presentation skill.


5. Write case studies for brands

We know the brand but we don’t know how it came into existence, write case studies for brands about their idea validation, growth marketing, retention strategies, and many more things go around it.


Examples of Proof of Work as Designer

1. Design a logo

Pick a brand and design a modern and minimal logo for them

2. Poster design

Look for an event and help them in promoting the event by designing a poster for them.

3. Social posts for brands

Social media marketing is on the boom, helping brands in designing social posts by showcasing their design inspirations from the mood boards.

4. Book/Magazine cover design

Designed a book cover?

It's also your PoW to be showcased.

5. Collection of Landing Page Inspirations

Make a collection of amazing landing page inspirations

Examples of Proof of Work as a Developer

1. A Website or App's frontend coded

If you have developed the frontend part of a website or app, that is one of your proof of work as a developer

2. Written technical blog/thread or documentation

If you have worked on a technical blog or Twitter thread or project documentation.

3. Open Source Contribution

Have you contributed to any open source project? And, your pull request was accepted, that is also your proof of work.

4. Worked on Database or created API or anything related to backend

These all can be counted as proof of work as a developer

Examples of Proof of Work as a Marketer

1. A collection of Case Studies

Have you written a case study about the brand? It's your proof of work.

2. Growth Strategy Ideas

Planned and executed growth ideas for a brand?

3. Lead Generation

Market research and lead generation is also counted as Proof of Work

4. Social Media Marketing

Posting, engaging and managing a brand's social media accounts are most likely to get recognised as Proof of Work

5. Copywriting

Have you written copy for social posts, websites or email marketing? They all are your proof of work as a marketer.

More can be, Decks, PPTs, Seo Audits, Marketing Strategies, Case Studies, Articles, Ebooks, Video Audit, Ad Copy etc.

What’s the importance of having Proof of Work?

Think of it as a pot of gold you preserve for the special moment when you can leverage it and get your most important work done. 

Proof of Work is as important as including nutrients in your diet. As nutrients keep you healthy, Proof of Work helps you grow in your career infinitely. 

After Covid, the world has moved to remote access. And, to get an opportunity in this stage of the world, you need to have proof of work that will help others in validating your capability and credibility.  

What’s the best place to showcase my Proof of Work?

As of now, you would definitely have understood that your collections of proof of work should be in virtual form because it has to travel in the internet world. 

What's that place where you have been showcasing your works till now?



Personal Website?

I am sure, that would be any one of these. But, would you be interested in trying a new professional platform that cares for your work more than you also. 

Not believing in my words?

Try it by yourself, Fueler is the platform where you can publish, showcase and manage your proof of work along with the collaborative projects you have ever worked on in the easiest way possible. 

Fueler is built for knowledge workers where you have no limitations, you can be a designer, developer, content writer, product manager, community manager, marketer, or financial analyst to use Fueler to showcase your work.

Want to know more about it?

Let’s schedule a call or drop a message at anshu@fueler.io

Thank you for reading, hope you would find it helpful.

See you in the next blog :))

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