Introducing Fueler Verified
Riten Debnath

14 May, 2024

Introducing Fueler Verified

We are happy to inform you that we have launched Fueler Verified. Fueler Verified is a badge for Fueler Premium members on the platform. It shows a user has upgraded to Fueler Membership.

⚠️ Project Verification: Please note that Fueler itself doesn't have a system for directly verifying the projects published. Our team manually verifies the project data published by the users on their portfolios. 

However, we always insist our community members to publish their projects in a standard way to build trust and credibility on Fueler. Here are some ways.

  1. Detailed descriptions: Provide clear and concise descriptions of your projects, outlining your role, responsibilities, and the achieved results. You can also go the extra mile to mention other important details such as tools used, timelines, brief, objective, project types, process, and results achieved
  2. Catchy thumbnails: You can include high-quality screenshots, mockups, or other relevant visuals to showcase your work effectively.
  3. Client testimonials (if available): If you've done freelance work, you can include testimonials from your clients. You can mention it on the description itself. For example
  4. Linking to external work (proof): If your project involved a website, app, articles, or other online creation, you can link it to your projects published for visitors to experience it firsthand. This helps you when you share your portfolio with your clients or potential employers.

What's next?

Fueler Verified comes with a responsibility, so what does it mean?

  • You are taking accountability for your own published projects and details on your portfolio
  • You are accepting that all the projects are created by you
  • You are liable to provide supporting evidence for your published projects if asked

⛔️ Important Note: Please know that in case, you are unable to cooperate with the above points during the time of requested verification, we are liable to take the following actions:

  • Temporary banning of your Fueler Portfolio
  • Indefinite suspension of your Fueler Account

Nothing serious to worry about until and unless you take responsibility for your own proof of work published in your Portfolio. Our goal stays the same from day 1 - to help knowledge workers around the world connect and land opportunities using their Proof of Work.

Here are some Fueler Verified Portfolios on Fueler


Q. What is Fueler Verified?

A. Fueler Verified is a badge for Fueler Premium users on Fueler. This badge signifies a user has upgraded to Fueler Membership with access to all the features of Fueler Membership

Q. How to get Fueler Verified?

A. You can get Fueler verified by joining Fueler Membership. Our team will connect with you for Fueler Verified.

How can I become eligible for Fueler Verified?

A. As soon as you join Fueler Membership, you are eligible for Fueler Verified.

Lastly, don't just say what you are good at - create Proof of Work and show it. Thank you for your trust in Fueler. If you are interested in getting Fueler Membership, you can connect with us.

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