7 Reason Why Fueler is the Tool You Have been Looking for

30 Jun, 2022

7 Reason Why Fueler is the Tool You Have been Looking for

There are thousands of tools and platforms available, but why Fueler? 

People have been showcasing and managing their work using existing tools, but why Fueler?

There is GitHub for Developers, Behance/Dribbble for Designers, Medium/Substack for Writers, LinkedIn for every professional, and Portfolio builders for marketers, salespeople, product managers, and community managers, then why Fueler?

People were living even before Apple introduced iPhone or Google made information accessible, but what changed after people made them part of their life?

Fueler exists today to give a special place for your work, to make hours of effort, dedication and passion don’t go unnoticed. 

Just like you create your Tinder profile to show your good looks, your Fueler profile shows your capabilities and credibility with your proof of work. 

Your Fueler profile is an entry pass to get into the events that care about doers and dreams. 

Your Fueler profile is an entry pass to land any opportunity you dream of. 

Your Fueler profile is an entry pass to collab with people you admire and look up to. 

When you share your Fueler profile, people do not ask for anything else, because your proof of work is enough to impress them. 

1.Flex your multiskilled individuality

How many people you have met that have multiple skills and they are able to showcase their different skills? 

Pause for a minute and think about it. 

I have friends, who are a developer but she is also an amazing writer, a photographer, but when you ask her, where can I discover all her work? 

She replied, “I haven’t found any way to do it”. 

That’s when I told her about Fueler, she was like why didn’t you tell me about it earlier and I apologised for not sharing about it. 

Similar to her, I have met 100s of people and they are currently using Fueler to showcase all of their proof of work from various skills without any hassle. 

I am sure, you must have friends like this, share about Fueler with them and help them in leveraging their full potential. 

Karla Fueler Profile || Fueler.io

Karla Fueler Profile || Fueler.io

2.Get appreciated for your hard work

You know you are growing when people start appreciating your proof of work by giving kudos to your work or sharing about it in their network. 

A few secs of kudos can make someone’s efforts pay off. Fueler makes it possible in the super simple and easy way out there. 

Marko Fueler Stats || Fueler.io

Marko Fueler Stats || Fueler.io

3.Your projects attract opportunities

If I ask you, how many projects you have worked on until today including untitled 0, untitled 1, untitled 2, will you be able to tell me?

But just because you didn’t continue working on specific projects, because you didn’t find reasons to complete them. 

When you publish your work on Fueler, it gets discovered by the whole world, especially since there are companies and agencies that are looking for folks like you. 

Your work on Fueler attracts opportunities for you, even when you sleep, so don’t miss out on any opportunities just because you haven’t shown any of your work. 

Fueler Discover Page || Fueler.io

Fueler Discover Page || Fueler.io

4.Time to stop updating resume

Tell me honestly, how many times you have updated your resume, especially when you are applying for different opportunities?

Also, If you are sending the same resume, that will not help you land an opportunity as different opportunities need a different ways of attention. You cannot send your same work to all different opportunities you come across.

But, why are you asking me all these? Because I am going to share something that will never let you update your resume any other time. 

Fueler Bucket makes it possible for you, just select all the work that will be relevant for the role you are applying for and get a new landing page presenting all the work you have selected. 

Anshu Fueler Buckets || Fueler.io

Anshu Fueler Buckets || Fueler.io

Fueler helps them create niche-specific landing pages for their projects for example,  

Riten created bucket related to his social media marketing work: Social Media Bucket

Riten Social Media Work Bucket

Riten Social Media Work Bucket

And, here is Riten main profile

For example, if you are applying for an internship in an educational domain company and you have worked on some projects that also lie in the same domain. 

So, instead of bombarding all your work, just share your educational domain work using Fueler Bucket and land opportunities. 

5.Fueler Community

Fueler is a community of 12,000+ dreamers and doers who love creating proof of work, best thing I love about it that, if you need help with anything from solving a bug to hiring for a brand, you will receive help with open arms.

Here you can also become part of it: Click to Join

6.Never run out of ideas

Whether you are an aspiring designer, developer, marketer or product manager, you will find tons of proof of work ideas that will help you master your skill along with create an impressive portfolio

Proof of Work Idea Page, check it out now

Also read, How to Find Proof of Work Ideas?

Fueler Proof of Work Idea Page || Fueler.io

Fueler Proof of Work Idea Page || Fueler.io

7. Learn from the best performers themselves

Explore the collection of amazing resources to help you polish your skillset and work on crazy project ideas.

In Fueler Side Hustle page, you will get to discover various types of resources

  • Creatons: A collection of 3D Ideas
  • DopeUI: High quality UI Design Templates for free
  • Byte: Learn design, coding, marketing, growth, from 1000+ byte size contents
  • Memeterest: Discover the collection of high quality meme templates for free
  • ValueRead: A collection of ideas, playbooks and guides around Writing, marketing, design, development
  • SimpleDM: Explore amazing tools, stock images, illustrations, colors and many more things
  • Check if you are a Generalist: A tool to help you figure out whether you are a generalist or specielist

And, many more amazing projects that you are gonna love for sure. Check it out here

Fueler side projects || Fueler.io

Fueler side projects || Fueler.io

These are something that you get to access for free, there is another side of Fueler which is “Fueler Premium”, which has another level of superpowers and the best thing is that you can unlock it anytime you want. 

Now you know, Why Fueler? 

Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything, just drop an email at anshu@fueler.io

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