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Sharvin Shitole

I make complex stuff simple through storytelling.

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  • MarkitUp Content Writing Contest by Ishan Sharma

    Brief: - Write an engaging and informative reel script highlighting the risks of frequent use of over-the-counter (OTC)...

    19 Mar 2024

  • Lessons learned from the 5-day writing challenge. #FUELERWRITINGCHALLENGE

    Day 5: Fueler Writing Challenge Topic - Share lessons learned from doing this writing challenge. Time taken: 1 hour T...

    29 Jan 2024

  • 7 Benefits of Daily Reading for Your Mind.

    Day 4: Fueler Writing Challenge Topic - Write a LinkedIn post on “7 Benefits of Daily Reading for Your Mind” Time take...

    28 Jan 2024

  • A short story that takes place entirely in a car.

    Day 3: Fueler Writing Challenge Topic - Write a short story that takes place entirely in a car. Try within 500 words....

    27 Jan 2024

  • How Beehiv acquired their first 1000 users.

    Day 2: Fueler Writing Challenge Topic - Write a thread on “How Beehiiv acquired their first 1000 users?" Time taken: B...

    26 Jan 2024

  • A letter to my 10-year-old self about "How I'm currently doing?”

    Day 1: Fueler Writing Challenge Topic: Write a letter to your 10-year-old about "How you are currently doing?” Time ta...

    25 Jan 2024

  • Content Research Assignment by Vyom Bhatia

    Brief- Research & answer the following questions: 1. What 3 things does a reel need to go viral? 2. Why is Ankit Baiyanp...

    26 Dec 2023

  • [Spec Ads] IPL 2023 Copywriting

    Objective: In this permissionless project, my goal was to show off my design and copywriting skills. I did this by makin...

    13 Nov 2023

  • Figma’s Rise to the Top

    Objective: The goal of this story is to educate and inspire the readers about Figma's story. It starts at the very begin...

    03 Nov 2023

  • Pen-a-Thon Assignment by Vedika & Unnati

    Brief: - Write Four LinkedIn Posts - 1 case study, 1 personal story, 1 trending topic, 1 LinkedIn post for Unnati/Vedika...

    10 Sep 2023

  • Fueler LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

    Objective: To create a kickass content strategy for Fueler's LinkedIn page, including awesome content and eye-catching g...

    24 Jul 2023

  • LinkedIn Audio Event Cover Design for Eswari Sankaranarayanan

    Objective: Eswari asked me to design a template for her audio events on LinkedIn. She wanted a template that was simple,...

    04 Jul 2023

  • Youtube Thumbnails

    Objective: To create YouTube thumbnails for some of my favorite creators. Goal: To create simple, minimal, eye-catchy t...

    21 Jun 2023

  • Finance With Sharan - Zero to Viral book cover Redesign

    Objective: To redesign the book cover of Sharan Hegde's recent book Zero To Viral Why Redesign: I thought the original...

    18 Jun 2023

  • LinkedIn post - Raj Shamani learnings 2022

    Brief: POV you are Raj Shamani, write a post on your learnings for 2022. Tools: Google Docs, Canva Thought Process: I...

    04 May 2023

  • Youtube Thumbnails

    Objective: To redesign YouTube thumbnails of some of my favorite creators. Goal: To create simple, minimal, eye-catchy...

    12 Apr 2023

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G - Copy + Design - Spec Ad

    Objective: To design a spec ad for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and write copy for it. Brief: To make a spec ad for Samsun...

    10 Apr 2023

  • 1-week Social Media Plan for Fueler

    Objective: Create a 1-week plan for Fueler Twitter and LinkedIn page growth. Brief: Create a content calendar with all...

    07 Apr 2023

  • FlamCrew Brochure Redesign

    Objective: We were relaunching the FlamCrew student program. So needed to re-design the brochure to match the new brand...

    03 Apr 2023

  • Gym Landing Page

    Objective: My intention was to create a strong and masculine landing page for a gym website that would inspire people to...

    01 Apr 2023

  • Career Radio Podcast Post Design

    Objective: Sakshi Shukla was excited to let her followers know about her new podcast - Career Radio. But she wanted to d...

    29 Mar 2023

  • Zudio’s Winning Formula

    Objective: Write a blog article about a business case study of Tata Zudio. Project value: This article showcases my res...

    28 Mar 2023

  • Shark Tank India S2 Women Entreprenuers Social Media Post Design

    Objective: To design a post that will promote women's entrepreneurship In India thereby motivating all. Brief: To desig...

    15 Mar 2023

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