LinkedIn post - Raj Shamani learnings 2022

Brief: POV you are Raj Shamani, write a post on your learnings for 2022.

Tools: Google Docs, Canva

Thought Process: I rewatched some of Raj’s old vlogs and videos on youtube. Picked some of the best thoughts and lines from there. Also took some inspiration from his Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn accounts.

Story: Let me tell you an exciting story about how I got my dream job!

It all started when I enrolled in a course called CTS - Crack the Social, by Vedika and Unnati. They had a private WhatsApp community where we could connect and learn from each other.

One day, they posted about a job opening at their agency called The Growth Square. I was so interested in the job that I decided to apply for it, even though I had zero experience in the field.  

To be honest, I didn't think I stood a chance since there were so many other applicants who were also vying for the same position. The role was super competitive and sought after.

Still, I sent them a mail expressing my interest, and to my surprise, they replied back asking me to do two assignments.

The first assignment was to create a one-minute video introducing myself and explaining why they should hire me. The second assignment was to design and write content for a post about Raj Shamani. I worked hard and completed both assignments within no time.

After a few days, I followed up with them to check on the status of my application. To my delight, I received a reply from Unnati saying that they really liked my work and would like to move forward. We connected on WhatsApp and had a few discussions. And then, finally, they offered me the job!

While talking with them, I found out that Raj Shamani was one of their clients and the assignment had a specific purpose.

Moral of the story: If you put in the effort and take chances, great things can happen. Believe in yourself and shoot your shot because you never know!

Project Type: Hiring Assignment

Timeline: 36 hours

Results: This post got me hired as a Social Media Intern at The Growth Square where I got a chance to work directly under Vedika Bhaia & Unnati Bagga.

04 May 2023

social media
content writing

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