LinkedIn Audio Event Cover Design for Eswari Sankaranarayanan

Objective: Eswari asked me to design a template for her audio events on LinkedIn. She wanted a template that was simple, visually appealing, and consistent with her previous theme.

Brief: The goal was to create a template that is simple, eye-catching, and matches her previous theme. The speakers or guests should be highlighted with a white border, and the call-to-action (CTA) should be very clear and stand out.

Tools: Figma, Canva, Photoshop

Thought Process: I decided to go for a minimal style with center alignment to maintain a visually balanced and symmetrical look. I made sure the speakers stood out, and the CTA was easily noticeable. I created three different versions of the template that were consistent with each other, giving Eswari options to choose from based on her preferences and needs.

Project Type: Freelance

04 Jul 2023

graphic design
social media design
graphic designing
linkedin audio event cover design
linkedin audio event

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