[Spec Ads] IPL 2023 Copywriting

Objective: In this permissionless project, my goal was to show off my design and copywriting skills. I did this by making spec ads that use trending topics, Bollywood and pop culture references, memes, and moment marketing tactics for the 2023 IPL season.

Client: IPL 2023 teams and other brands (Permissionless Project)

Thought Process:

1. Took the highlights and best moments from matches.
2. Crafted witty and relatable one-liners with references to topical trends and pop culture.
3. Simple design approach with minimalistic elements.

Tools used: Notion, Google Docs, Figma

This project is a part of #PermissionlessProject, it is being done in my personal capacity, without any guidance from any stakeholder from the brand or notable. All the copyright is reserved to the respective owners.


13 Nov 2023

spec ads
creative strategy
social media marketing

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