Career Radio Podcast Post Design

Objective: Sakshi Shukla was excited to let her followers know about her new podcast - Career Radio. But she wanted to do it in style! She needed a bold, eye-catching design to make her announcement stand out on social media.

Brief: The design had to show off her bold personality and also give people an idea of what her podcast was all about. 

Tools: I used Figma and a bit of Photoshop to create a playful, retro-themed, and modern graphic that would grab people's attention.

Thought Process: After trying out a few different ideas, I finally settled on one that featured an illustration of mountains with the sun rising behind them. The yellow & red colors and the serif font I used all fit perfectly with the retro theme and showed off Sakshi's bold personality.

Project Type: Freelance

29 Mar 2023

social media
graphic design
social media design
graphic designing

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