Chavi Agrawal

An obsessive reader


  Studying at Oakridge International School, Mohali, India

  • Embracing the Bittersweet Finale of Every Journey

    Since our establishment in December 2022, I, Chavi Agrawal, have proudly led The Journalism Club as its Founder and Pres...

    20 May 2023

    Fueler Project
  • editorial #4

    In this fourth publication, I had the privilege of co-writing an article that delves into the essence of sportsmanship....

    16 May 2023

  • Inspiration

    Welcome to the highly anticipated fourth issue of The Oak Times! This month, we embarked on a thrilling adventure by emb...

    16 May 2023

  • World press freedom day

    Today, on May 3rd, 2023, we join the global celebration of World Press Freedom Day, a momentous occasion dedicated to ch...

    03 May 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Journalism clubs’ involvement in the Oak Spirit Week

    The Journalism Club played a vital role in capturing and documenting the essence of Oak Spirit Week. Throughout the week...

    22 Apr 2023

    Fueler Project
  • A Remarkable Event's Curtain Call

    As the curtains draw to a close on Oak Spirit Week, it is a moment of reflection and gratitude for the incredible journe...

    21 Apr 2023

    Fueler Project
  • A Soccer Showdown

    On the final day of Oak Spirit Week, we culminated the week-long celebration with a thrilling Soccer Showdown. Organized...

    21 Apr 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Staff Talent Show

    The fourth day of Oak Spirit Week featured the highly anticipated Staff Talent Show, and it was a day that truly stood o...

    20 Apr 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Educational Fair

    On the third day of Oak Spirit Week, we were fortunate to have an Educational Fair organized by our school counselor, Ms...

    19 Apr 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Oak Spirit Week- Message for Staff Talent Show

    Teachers always encourage our talents but why do we never do the same for them? As another event that is taking place in...

    19 Apr 2023

  • School Picnic

    Day 2 of Oak Spirit Week, featuring the School Picnic, was an absolute triumph. It was a day brimming with delectable fo...

    18 Apr 2023

    Fueler Project
  • written by me

    I am thrilled to present my article, "Mindset Evolution: Accepting People for Who They Are," featured in the third publi...

    18 Apr 2023

  • The Journalism Club- 3rd issue

    The Oak Times is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated third issue, an embodiment of the transformative theme, "Meta...

    18 Apr 2023

  • Teachers rest hour

    Day 1 of Oak Spirit Week, featuring the Teachers Rest Hour, was an incredible success. Engaging our esteemed teachers in...

    17 Apr 2023

  • Oak Spirit Week- Circular for teacher rest hour

    This is the circular announcing the 1st event of the Oak Spirit Week, teachers rest hour. Like a normal teachers rest ev...

    13 Apr 2023

  • Oak Spirit Week- Circular for school picnic

    This is the circular that announces the event that is to take place on the 2nd day of the Oak Spirit Week, The school pi...

    13 Apr 2023

  • Oak Spirit Week

    The proverb "you reap what you sow" has stood the test of time as a powerful reminder of the connection between effort a...

    13 Apr 2023

  • Oak Spirit Week- Circular for line-up

    This is the 1st circular that announces the Oak Spirit Week and includes the line up as well as the dress code.

    13 Apr 2023

  • My book- The Fireflies

    Since grade 7, I've aspired to become an author. Over the years, I've managed to get seven of my writeups published, but...

    10 Mar 2023

  • Written by me- The Fear of Failure

    In the second issue of The Oak Times, I wrote an article in which I delved into the concept of the fear of failure, exam...

    07 Mar 2023

  • The Journalism Club- 2nd issue

    In the December of 2022, I started The Journalism Club at my school, which is responsible for producing the digital scho...

    06 Mar 2023

  • TOK Exhibition Certificate!!!

    I have some incredible news to share, I was awarded the prestigious Best Communicator certificate for my TOK exhibition!...

    IBDP,  25 Feb 2023

    Fueler Achievement
  • TOK Exhibition


    TOK is an abbreviation for Theory of Knowledge, and it is one of the key courses of the IBDP. Today, my class got the o...

    25 Feb 2023 - Present

  • The Starting- The Oak Times

    Here is The Oak Times’ ! The journalism club was established in December 2022, and since then, recruiting, allocating wo...

    08 Feb 2023

  • Launch of The Journalism Club

    On this day, 1st February 2023, The Journalism Club was officially launched. The club, at the present, has a total of 8...

    01 Feb 2023

  • The first meeting

    The anticipation and excitement were palpable as we gathered for the first official meeting of our Journalism Club. Afte...

    21 Dec 2022

    Fueler Project
  • The Journalism Club

    After a month of preparation, I have got the school's permission to start the first ever club in my school; The Journali...

    02 Dec 2022


    The IBDP curriculum that my school offers for grades 11 and 12 includes CAS. The acronym "CAS" stands for "creativity, a...

    Oakridge International School,  03 Nov 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Ecobricks


    Today, I got the opportunity to promote awareness of the "Ecobricks" programme at my school. I would interact with the p...

    04 Sep 2022 - Present

  • IGCSE RESULTS- June 2022

    Distinction in International Certificate of Education

    3 A*'s and 4 A's. I missed A* in two subjects (First Language English and Mathematics) just for 1 mark each.

    18 Aug 2022

  • Certificate of Appreciation

    During my stay in a foreign land, I enthusiastically participated in promoting my culture by performing a dance showcasi...

    Bhojpuri Association of Ghana,  05 Mar 2022

  • Certificate of publication

    Very happy to say that 3 of my short stories have been published in this compiled book, "Flying colors", which is now av...

    14 Nov 2021

  • Electrifying news

    Hey everyone, I've got an exciting update for you! After much contemplation, I've finally made a decision on the stories...

    29 Sep 2021

    Fueler Project
  • An opportunity

    Hello, everyone! I have some absolutely incredible news to share with all of you. Today, I stumbled upon a life-changing...

    15 Sep 2021

    Fueler Project
  • My published story

    After participating in a writing competition held by Hashtag Kalakar, 4 of my write-ups were selected and published on t...

    25 Aug 2021

  • My published story

    After participating in a writing competition held by Hashtag Kalakar, 4 of my write-ups were selected and published on t...

    25 Aug 2021

  • Incredible India

    While living away from my home country, I participated in India's republic day celebration by performing a dance depicti...

    The Indian Association of Ghana,  26 Jan 2020

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