Educational Fair

On the third day of Oak Spirit Week, we were fortunate to have an Educational Fair organized by our school counselor, Ms. Simran Kaur. This collaborative event with five colleges offered students a valuable platform to explore higher education opportunities. Although I wasn't directly involved in organizing the fair, I eagerly joined our team of photographers to capture the remarkable moments throughout the day.

After fulfilling my photography duties, I took the chance to fully engage in the event. It was an awe-inspiring experience as I interacted with various representatives, including the CEO of the company that facilitated the university participation. I enthusiastically shared my achievements, aspirations, and future plans with him, and he genuinely expressed his admiration. While it's possible for individuals in his position to offer support to everyone, I truly believe his appreciation was sincere. This encounter left me feeling motivated and encouraged, reinforcing my belief in the impact of my endeavors.

The Educational Fair proved to be a fantastic addition to Oak Spirit Week. I extend my gratitude to our school counselor, Ms. Simran Kaur, for orchestrating this enlightening and enriching experience. It provided students with an invaluable opportunity to gather information, ask questions, and gain insights into their academic journey and future prospects. Oak Spirit Week continues to exceed expectations, and I am thrilled to witness the profound impact it has on our school community.

19 Apr 2023

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