Written by me- The Fear of Failure

In the second issue of The Oak Times, I wrote an article in which I delved into the concept of the fear of failure, examining its definition and exploring the range of emotions that can be associated with it, including anxiety and self-doubt. Drawing from my own experiences, I explained how fear can actually be a powerful motivator and provided insights into the different working mechanisms that can be used to harness this emotion. Finally, I explored the idea of shifting from a mindset dominated by fear to one that prioritizes freedom and personal growth.

When I started The Journalism Club that produces The Oak Times, I never expected to write such a personal article. However, after its publication, many students from my school approached me to express their appreciation for the article and how it made them feel understood.

This was only the second publication of The Oak Times, and more are yet to come. However, as a club that aims to provide influential and high-quality articles to our school, knowing that we have achieved this goal with the second edition of our digital school newspaper brings me great joy.

I hope that if this post finds you, you would click on the link that will lead to a blog post of my school, and download the pdf with the 2nd edition of our digital school newspaper. 

07 Mar 2023

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