Teachers rest hour

Day 1 of Oak Spirit Week, featuring the Teachers Rest Hour, was an incredible success. Engaging our esteemed teachers in various activities and witnessing their genuine happiness throughout the event was a heartwarming experience.

Seeing the teachers express their gratitude and appreciation was truly rewarding. It was a gratifying feeling to know that we, as students, had the ability to bring joy to our teachers' lives and give something back to them. The smiles on their faces and the lively interactions we shared created an atmosphere of warmth and appreciation.

The Journalism Club also worked tirelessly during this event. We were fully committed to capturing every precious moment of the day, and our dedicated photographers worked tirelessly to ensure that no special moment went unnoticed thereby immortalizing the gratitude and happiness that filled the air during the first day of Oak Spirit Week. 

This day served as a reminder of the positive impact we can have on others, especially those who play such a vital role in our education and personal growth. It was a testament to the power of unity and the importance of expressing gratitude. Oak Spirit Week had truly begun on a remarkable note, and we were honored to contribute to the happiness of our teachers, leaving a lasting impression that will be cherished by all involved.

17 Apr 2023

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