Embracing the Bittersweet Finale of Every Journey

Since our establishment in December 2022, I, Chavi Agrawal, have proudly led The Journalism Club as its Founder and President, and served as the Editor-in-Chief of our publication, The Oak Times. I have had the privilege of working alongside a dedicated team of writers and editors to create a lasting legacy within our school. However, today I have some bittersweet news to share. As someone who has experienced frequent moves with my family, I am afraid it is now time for me to move once again. This news brings a sense of sadness as I reflect on my journey with the club.

During my one year at Oakridge, I have achieved a lot, with one of my biggest accomplishments being the establishment of The Journalism Club. Under my leadership, we have successfully published four editions of The Oak Times, and laid the foundation for the yearbook. However, after the upcoming fifth publication of The Oak Times, I will no longer be able to continue as the club's President and serve as Editor-in-Chief of both The Oak Times and the yearbook.

Learning that my time with the club is coming to an end is truly heart-wrenching. However, I find solace in the knowledge that I will always remain the founder of the club and have left behind a remarkable legacy. The Journalism Club paved the way for the emergence of many new clubs, and I take pride in being a pioneer in this regard. I will forever cherish the memories I have made with my fellow club members—the laughter, the hard work, and the sense of camaraderie. Writing the official email to hand over the club was an emotional moment, particularly when signing off as the founder instead of the president, a role I had become accustomed to.

Though there is still the fifth publication left, just before the summer break, I cannot help but acknowledge that my journey with the club is coming to an end. I have experienced immense personal growth throughout this journey, creating countless memories and pushing myself to new limits. But now, it is time to bid farewell. I will deeply miss the school and the club, but above all, I will miss the incredible members and the joy of working together. The feeling of being part of this club and contributing to its mission was truly remarkable and indescribable.

As I prepare to say goodbye, I carry with me a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities and growth that The Journalism Club has provided. It has been an honor to serve as its president, and I will forever cherish the bonds I have formed and the experiences I have gained. Even though my time as an active member may come to an end, the impact and legacy of The Journalism Club will endure under its new leadership, and I am immensely proud to have played a role in its foundation.

(kinda cried while writing this…)

20 May 2023

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