TOK Exhibition


TOK is an abbreviation for Theory of Knowledge, and it is one of the key courses of the IBDP.

Today, my class got the opportunity to exhibit our TOK Exhibitions to parents during PTM in school and compete for certificates. I would ask parents for 5 minutes in order to take them through my TOK Exhibition. I'd begin by outlining what TOK is, followed by a brief description of my selected prompt and the three objects I allocated to it. This offered me the opportunity to discuss and reflect on my thought process, as well as receive feedback on my exhibition, allowing me to compose the best exhibition possible before submitting it on April. Whether or not I received a certificate, this was a fantastic experience that allowed me to greatly improve my communication skills as well as interact with parents. I was quite pleased with how parents and teachers reacted to my exhibition. 

Following the exhibition, I was overjoyed with the reception and my personal progress that I started noticing over the past months but got to see it in full blast today. I am really grateful for this chance and extremely proud of my progress.

25 Feb 2023 - Present

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