The Journalism Club- 3rd issue

The Oak Times is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated third issue, an embodiment of the transformative theme, "Metamorphosis." As the Founder and President of The Journalism Club and Editor-in-Chief of our publication, I am overjoyed to share this momentous occasion with our readers. In this edition, we delve into the profound beauty and significance of change, exploring how it permeates various aspects of our lives. From the evolution of generations to the transitions between grades, and the embracing of individual differences, our aim is to ignite inspiration within our readers, fostering an appreciation for the extraordinary process of transformation.

In line with the theme of "Metamorphosis," I am delighted to announce the introduction of Oakridge International School, Mohali's inaugural yearbook, capturing the academic session of 2023-2024. The yearbook serves as a treasured publication, encapsulating the very essence of an entire school year—preserving memories, highlighting milestones, and immortalizing unforgettable moments that students will cherish for a lifetime. As is tradition, each student will have the opportunity to acquire a copy, allowing them to hold in their hands a tangible reminder of the cherished experiences shared within our vibrant school community.

The advent of the yearbook at Oakridge International School represents a remarkable and transformative leap forward, enriching our school's culture and identity. It stands as a testament to the unique journeys and remarkable achievements of our students and staff, offering a dynamic platform to showcase the metamorphosis of our school community over time. Drawing upon the essence of transformation, as explored in the latest issue of our esteemed school newspaper, the yearbook will capture the spirit of growth and development pulsating within our community. It will offer an intimate glimpse into our shared past, serving as a cherished keepsake that evokes a tapestry of experiences, shaping and molding each individual.

As I reflect upon the progress and accomplishments of The Journalism Club, I am filled with immense happiness and gratitude. The realization of the yearbook project is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our club members, whose unwavering commitment has brought us to this exciting milestone. We firmly believe that the introduction of the yearbook will be a profound and invaluable addition to our school's legacy. It celebrates the incredible growth and transformations experienced by our students throughout their educational journey, embodying their collective stories, triumphs, and aspirations. 

For those eager to dive into the latest edition of "The Oak Times," a link at the bottom of the blog post on the school's website directs readers to a downloadable PDF version of the newspaper. We encourage everyone to explore the diverse articles and features that highlight the vibrant tapestry of our school community.

Stay tuned as we unveil more updates and details on how you can be an integral part of this exciting milestone in the rich tapestry of our school's history.

18 Apr 2023

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