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Product Designer at Flexiple⚡ I design products that aren't only eye pleasing but also emphasise on giving people a mesmerising experience through my products.

Customer Journey
Product Design
Product Strategy
UI/UX Design
Web Design


  Working at Flexiple

My Collaborators
  • Hero Section Animation - Rive & Figma

    Hero Section Animation - Figma & Rive Project Descripition :- The aim of this project was to create an animated hero s...

    14 Apr 2024

  • 200+ Web Inspiration Collection (Weekly Inspiration)

    Get cool & fresh UI Design Inspirations that helps you elevate your next website project with the latest Website Trends...

    01 Jan 2024

  • Coding Ninjas - Website Banner

    Website Banner for Coding Ninjas - Freelance Project Objective:- This project showcases the Web banner designs that wer...

    07 Oct 2023

  • ​​Mastering Design Fundamentals - Fueler Session

    ​​Mastering Design Fundamentals - Fueler Session ​Objective:- I was given an opportunity to take a session on Design Fu...

    20 Sep 2023

  • Portfolio Web Design - Portfolio of Graphic Design

    Web Design - Portfolio Design Project Descripition :- The project was aimed to build a unique portfolio design for a g...

    28 Aug 2023

  • Webflow Project for a Golf Society

    The Park West Palm - Webflow Development Project Descripition :- The website aimed to show the upcoming plan and impac...

    05 Aug 2023

  • Cred - Instagram Carousal (Fueler's Weekly Challenge)

    Cred - Instagram Carousal This design project is part of Fueler's Weekly Challenge. Descripition :- The carousel aims...

    08 Jul 2023

  • 3D Crystal Made in Spline X Blender

    01 Jul 2023

  • Interactive 3D Mini Keyboard

    Here's my second 3D Project on Spline. Ever since i got my hands over Spline I've loved exploring it 😍. This is a mini...

    24 Jun 2023

  • Webflow - Lead Excels Website (Design and Development))

    01 Aug 2022

  • Concept Landing Page Design for a Fintech App

    26 Jun 2022

  • Web Design for a SaaS based Startup

    02 Jun 2022

  • 3D Space Rocket in Spline

    First 3D Model in Spline

    11 May 2022

  • Webflow - Cannabis Branding Studio (Design & Development))

    29 Apr 2022

  • Web Design for a Travel Website

    01 Nov 2021

  • Web Design & Webflow Development Project work for Client

    22 Oct 2021

  • Web Design & Webflow Development Project work for Client

    26 Sep 2021

  • Web Designer and Webflow Developer

  • Web Design Concept for Clothing Brand

    26 Jul 2021

  • Web Design for a Headphone Brand

    19 May 2021

  • Web Design for a Florist's Nursery

    13 May 2021

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