Cred - Instagram Carousal (Fueler's Weekly Challenge)

Cred - Instagram Carousal 

This design project is part of Fueler's Weekly Challenge.


Descripition :-

The carousel aims to build brand awareness of the brand Cred among the target audience through mentioning it's benefits and new approach of managing one's credit card bills. 

For the Design of this carousel, I closely studied the design language of cred, used by them across their various platforms. The theme of the carousal is based on the Cred's Website and neo-pop UI of the Cred App. Going on with this theme for the Carousel, indicates brand consistency and familiarity among the customers. 


Tools Used :-

Figma (for Designing) & (for animation)


Special Mention :-

Special Thanks to Anuj Sarita for the content used in the carousel.

Special Thanks to Ashish for sharing Cred's Neo-pop UI.

08 Jul 2023

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Instagram Carousal
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