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Web Design - Portfolio Design Project


Descripition :-

The project was aimed to build a unique portfolio design for a graphic designer who designs logos and brand Identity.The goal was to clearly communicate the personality and his style of work thorugh the portfolio.

According to me, a portfolio website is much more than a collection of works and experience. It is a way to show case the client or view, your personality. And design helps us to bring that essence of ones own personality into the portfolio. This way the person on the other side of the screen gets a good idea of what kind of person he/she is going to work with.


Design Direction: -

For this project I went with lil bit of Brutalism design approach to represent our designing maverik (Designer) as someone who love to break the chains of conventional thinking and do things out of the box. In order to put that personality trait into the design I took the help of display fonts, Bold Heading, texture background and sharp contrast of color.


Research & Inspiration :- Awwwards, Dribbble, One page Love

Tools Used :- Figma

Website Time:- Portfolio

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28 Aug 2023

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