200+ Web Inspiration Collection (Weekly Inspiration)

Get cool & fresh UI Design Inspirations that helps you elevate your next website project with the latest Website Trends in the industry.

The file contains a Collection of 200+ amazing websites that will make you go wow🤩. You can browse through them and take inspiration on what's trendy in the Industry.

And it's absolutely FREE

All the sites are handpicked by me and is not collected by some AI🤖

P.S. - Every Monday 7 new and cool websites are added to the collection so that you remain inspired for the whole week 😎✌️

What's Special in it?🤔
- Some award winning live-websites (not just dribbble shots)
- LIVE Preview of most websites within the file
- 7 New Websites every week

Hope you found this collection helpful and full of inspiration for your next awesome project🚀

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01 Jan 2024

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