​​Mastering Design Fundamentals - Fueler Session

​​Mastering Design Fundamentals - Fueler Session

I was given an opportunity to take a session on Design Fundamentals on Fueler Events. The agenda of this session was to explain the basic concept of design along with some of it's fundamental and key concpets. The concepts were explained in such manner so that even a person with non-design background can understand and apply these fundamental concepts in ones daily life and can design eye-catching visuals.

Here's a glimpse of what I covered in this session:-

  • ​Real Meaning of Design
  • ​Knowing Fonts
  • ​Visual Hierarchy
  • Alignment
  • Mini Case-Studies
  • And lots of Fun


What is Fueler?

​​Fueler is an online platform that enables knowledge workers, such as writers, designers, developers, marketers, video editors, product managers, and community managers to showcase their Proof of Work and build custom portfolios of their work super easily and fast.
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Venue:- Online (Google Meet)

Date:- 20th Sep 2023

20 Sep 2023

Graphic Design
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