Hero Section Animation - Rive & Figma

Hero Section Animation - Figma & Rive Project


Descripition :-

The aim of this project was to create an animated hero section from scratch with the help of animation tool Rive

Rive is a real-time interactive design tool that allows you to design, animate, and immediately integrate your assets into any platform.

Design Direction: -

For this particular project I designed the UI form scratch in Figma and then animated it in Rive. The theme for this project was choosen to kept as Techy Theme. I collected couple of inspirations from design inspiration websites and came up with this design.

Once the Design was finalised I imported the design in Rive and animated some part of it in Rive. After animating it in rive I exported the animation into figma gave it a final touch in Figma Prototype.

Research & Inspiration :- Pinterest, Lapa Ninja, Dribbble

Tools Used :- Rive & Figma

Time Taken :- 5 Hours

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14 Apr 2024

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Rive Animation

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