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Building my online writing business in public. I can help you by writing engaging scripts and a magnetic copy.

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  • [X Thread] How Mathematician Jim Simons generated 3x returns than Warren Buffet for 30 years

    Objective -- I wrote this detailed X thread to showcase my expertise in writing long-form informational content. Behind...

    07 Mar 2024

  • Anuj | Write-A-Thon Submission

    Submission 1 : Ad Copy - Write 5 bill-board copy for the Hotstar show “The Night Manager” Tools Used : Re-watched some...

    16 Dec 2023

  • Mini E-Book - Mastering Effective Writing for Beginners

    You’re about to learn that this guide is not only simple to follow, but also delivers on its promises. Whether you are...

    09 Nov 2023

  • LinkedIn post for Inagiffy - A newsletter marketing agency

    Inagiffy is an end-to-end newsletter marketing agency for businesses. Objective of the Project -- In this project, I w...

    25 Jul 2023

  • (Spec) Billboard ads for Fevicol 2023

    I created 6 spec billboard ads for the most popular adhesive brand - Fevicol. First marketed in India in 1959, the bran...

    22 Jul 2023

  • (Spec) Welcome Email for Canva 2023

    This project involved writing a welcome email for the most loved design tool - Canva. Launched in 2013, Canva is an onl...

    15 Jul 2023

  • How to write effective alt text on Instagram

    Increase the reach of your Instagram posts by utilizing this lesser-known feature - Alt text. This is a mini guide on h...

    08 May 2023

  • Product description for everyday gadgets.

    Product descriptions explain to the user the performance, specifications and advantages of a product. In this project,...

    07 May 2023

  • Why you should chase delayed gratification?

    Objective - This blog was written to explain the reader why he/she should invest in delayed gratification. This blog re...

    22 Mar 2023

  • 5 effective ways to land freelance projects

    This is my fourth blog for the 7 day Fueler blog challenge. I got to learn so many new things while writing this blog a...

    18 Feb 2023

  • Featured by Fueler // Freelancing guide 2023

    AIM OF THE PROJECT -- To share my experiences and suggestions for anyone starting freelancing in 2023. It includes a s...

    02 Nov 2022

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