(Spec) Billboard ads for Fevicol 2023

I created 6 spec billboard ads for the most popular adhesive brand - Fevicol.

First marketed in India in 1959, the brand was launched as an easy-to-use glue for carpenters. The company offered multiple different industrial adhesives under the label. Today, Fevicol is marketed in 54 countries, including more than 50,000 locations in India. 

Since its launch, Fevicol has become the go-to choice for adhesive. Its popularity is such that the name Fevicol is often interchangeably used for adhesive.

The objective of the project --

To put to work my copywriting skills in creating multiple ads for Fevicol, in Fevicol's style.

Behind-the-scenes research --

  1. I devoted some time to visit old Fevicol ads on YouTube to get a grip on how Fevicol likes to convey its message.
  2. Plus I also read ample of their written one-liner ads on Instagram and Pinterest.

Challenges faced --

  1. Using everyday stories.
  2. Writing ads that everyone can relate to.
  3. Keeping alive the wit Fevicol use in their ads.

Skills I was able to display --

  1. My love for copywriting and creative writing.
  2. Research skills to understand the Brand's voice and style.

Special Mention --

I would like to thank Shashank for his efforts in designing the Fevicol ads and the thumbnail used in this project.

The designs required various rounds of re-editing which he was able to do quickly, swiftly and happily.

Check out his work here.

22 Jul 2023

Spec ads
Creative writing
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