(Spec) Welcome Email for Canva 2023

This project involved writing a welcome email for the most loved design tool - Canva.

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and visual communication platform with over 135 million+ active users.

Much of its recognition comes from the handy interface and beginner-friendly design tools.

The objective of the Project --

To showcase my writing ability through a welcome email which involved the following mental tasks --

  1. Understand the needs of the audience.
  2. Welcoming the User with a light-hearted and fun email while maintaining professionalism.
  3. Mentioning all the features of the Canva app in a brief email.

Behind the scenes --

  1. I dig into all the emails Canva has sent me to understand their brand voice and the way they communicate with their audience.
  2. A detailed scan of the Canva website helped me to note down the exact figures, keywords and benefits.

Challenges faced --

One of the biggest tasks for me was to maintain brevity throughout the email. It took me a lot of rewriting and editing to prepare the final draft.

My skills that I was able to display --

  1. E-mail copywriting.
  2. Love for creative writing.
  3. Research skills and ability to understand the audience.

Special mention --

This project would have been incomplete without the aid of Mr Shashank.

He turned an ordinary email written on Google Docs into a masterpiece by using his design skills. 

He is excellent at what he does.

Check out his work here.






15 Jul 2023

Email Copywriting
Welcome Email
Creative Writing
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