[X Thread] How Mathematician Jim Simons generated 3x returns than Warren Buffet for 30 years

Objective -- I wrote this detailed X thread to showcase my expertise in writing long-form informational content.

Behind-the-scenes research -- I devoted a full day to research to back up my facts. 

1/ Watching tens of YouTube videos helped me know the story of Simons quickly and effectively.

2/ I went down the rabbit hole and read other threads written on Jim Simons. Although, there were not plenty of them... I managed to find a really good one to derive inspiration from.

3/The Majority of the research time I spent reading articles about him and his firm. It updated me on stories about him that are missing in surface-level research.

[All the research used is mentioned at the end of the thread]

Challenges faced --

1/ The limit of only 280 characters per tweet examined my objectivity and the skill to maintain brevity.

2/ Though it is a long-form content piece, I had to keep in mind to not write in such a way as to bore the reader.

Time spent and tools used --

1/ It took me around 1.5 days to complete this thread. 25% of the time was used in collecting research links while the rest of the time was used in writing the thread.

2/ Tools used: Google, Typefully, X.


I would like to thank Yasin who helped me by designing this thumbnail used in the project.

He is excellent at what he does.

Check out his work here.

07 Mar 2024

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