Mini E-Book - Mastering Effective Writing for Beginners

You’re about to learn that this guide is not only simple to follow, but also delivers on its promises.

Whether you are a... 

- Content Marketer

- Designer

- Social Media Manager

- Video Editor

- Product Manager

- or building anything on the internet... on some level, you must know how to hold attention with your words.

These 3000 words does exactly that. 

Even if you're beginning writing online... this ebook serves as a good starting point.

The things I am going to share with you changed how I approached online writing forever. These are a compilation of tips and practices I learned from top online writers like David Perell, Justin Wise, Eve Arnold, Nicolas Cole, Tim Denning & Sean Kernan through their newsletters, tweets, essays and articles on Medium. 

As I want you to start writing as soon as possible, I’ve kept it as concise as I can.

Happy reading :)


I would like to mention Shashank who designed the cover for the ebook as well as the thumbnail for this proof of work. 

He is excellent at what he does. Check out his work here.

09 Nov 2023

Online Writing
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