IMDB Movie Analysis

Project Summary:

Project Title: IMDB Movie Analysis

Objective: •Analysing IMDB rating dataset to uncover “What factors influence the success of a movie on IMDB?" Here, success can be defined by high IMDB ratings. The impact of this problem is significant for movie producers, directors, and investors to understand what makes a movie successful to make informed decisions in their future projects.

Data Points Analyzed:

A.Top 5 most common movie genres are Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Action, Romance.

B.Most number of movies are of the duration ranges between 1.5hrs to 2hrs.

C.Top 3 movie languages are English, French, Spanish.

D.Identified top 15 and bottom 15 IMDB rated directors.

E.Analysed the budget and found movies with the highest profit and highest loss.

Tools Used: MS Excel 2019
Dataset Details:- 
• Domain: Cost, Data Visualization
• Datasets: IMDB_rating.csv
• Dataset Type: CSV file
• Dataset Size: File has 5k+ records with 20+ fields.

31 Mar 2024

Data Analytics
Descriptive Statistics
Advance Excel
Number Crunching
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Data Handling
Data Cleaning

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