Project Summary:

Project Title: Loan Data Analysis for Diverse Customers

Objective: To create a comprehensive Bank Loan Report to monitor and assess bank's lending activities and performance. This report aims to provide insights into key loan-related metrics and their changes over time. This report will help us find crucial KPI's to make data-driven decisions, track our loan portfolio's health, and identify trends that can inform our lending strategies.

Data Points Analyzed:

 1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Monitoring MTD and MoM trends.

 2. Good vs Bad Loan KPI's

 3. Loan term and Loan purpose analysis

 4. State-wise and month-wise loan status

 5. Homeownership Vs last payment date statistics

Tools Used: Tableau Public 2024.1
Dataset Details:- 
• Domain: Finance
• Datasets: Financial_loan.xlsx
• Dataset Type: CSV file
• Dataset Size: File has 39k+ records with 20+ fields.

12 Apr 2024

Data Manipulation
Domain Knowledge
Financial Analysis
Statistical Analysis
Data Filtering
Data Cleaning
Database Indexing
Data Query
MS Excel

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