Write for us: How to Guest Post on the Fueler Blog

03 May, 2022

Write for us: How to Guest Post on the Fueler Blog

Hey you, yes you. Are you someone who loves to write blogs? someone, who loves telling stories?

Then, there isn't any better place on the internet than the Fueler Official Blog. Why am I saying that?

If you are someone who writes, no matter whether it's in perfect form or not. We believe writing is a skill that keeps improving with every piece of writing you draft. 

What excites us?

There isn't any boundary in what you can write until its purpose is to bring value to people's lives.

But, when you come up with a piece of writing around topics like

  • Skill building, with any stories and example
  • Productivity tips, personal experience
  • The importance of having proof of work, ideas and examples
  • How to leverage the power of the internet
  • Ways to make money, examples, resources and tools
  • How to learn X, here are the steps you can follow
  • How to land better opportunities using Fueler
  • How to guides, add references and resources
  • Listicles of best resources around different domains
  • Write about your experience using Fueler, time-saving, helpful?

Here are a few more topics around which we consider guest blogs,

"Write for Us" + "Marketing"

"Write for Us" + "SEO"

"Write for Us" + "Startups"

"Write for Us" + "Business"

"Write for Us" + "Hiring"

"Write for Us" + "Sales"

"Write for Us" + "Social Media Marketing"

"Write for Us" + "Content Marketing"

"Write for Us" + "Email Marketing"

"Write for Us" + "Growth Hacking"

"Write for Us" + "Remote Working"

"Write for Us" + "Entrepreneurship"

"Write for Us" + "Web design"

"Write for Us" + "Freelance Portfolio"

"Marketing" + "Guest Post"

"SEO" + "Guest Post"

"Startups" + "Guest Post"

"Business" + "Guest Post"

"Hiring" + "Guest Post"

"Sales" + "Guest Post"

"Social Media Marketing" + "Guest Post"

"Content Marketing" + "Guest Post"

"Email Marketing" + "Guest Post"

"Growth Hacking" + "Guest Post"

"Remote Working" + "Guest Post"

"Entrepreneurship" + "Guest Post"

"Web design" + "Guest Post"

"Freelance Portfolio" + "Guest Post"

It sends us extra happiness when we see content around these things especially. 

So, if you are really looking to write for Fueler, just pick any one of the topic and start creating stories around that. 

🎁 Rewards

Yes, how can we forget this? It's the exciting part of this story. Definitely, you will get exposure from our social handles and website user base. 

But, but, but, other than that if your blogs perform well, then we are happy to send surprises your home.

Now, let's get started

Step 1: Ideate & Prepare the first draft

Step 2: Send us the doc file at anshu@fueler.io

Step 3: We'll review and publish on Fueler Blog

Step 4: Get a published mail 💌

If it sounds great, you can start writing and make Fueler users fans of your storytelling skill. 

Fueler Blog Guidelines


Q. How many days does it take to make the blog live?

A. It usually takes 2-3 days to make a new blog live after we get the draft.

Q. How many days does it take to make the link insertion live?

A. Your link insertion request goes live within 6-8hrs.

Q. Does my blog post get a sponsored tag?

A. No, we do not give a sponsored tag to your blog, readers view them like other blogs on the Fueler blog.

Q. Do I get a Do-follow back or No-follow back?

A. You get do-follow back from the Fueler blog.

Q. Does my blog post be Google-indexed?

A. Yes, your blog post will be ranked on Google search.

Q. Do you accept posts around crypto and casinos?

A. No, we do not accept such types of posts.

Wishing you good luck, looking forward to seeing your blogs 🤞.

Thank you for reading, keep fueling ⚡🔥

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