Case Study \ Uber


Uber is one of the world's leading cab service. The objective of this case study is to understand pain points of users and comprehensive analysis of possible solutions. 

Tools & Technologies used:

  1. Google forms for survey
  2. Excel for result analysis
  3. for wireframing
  4. Xtensio for creating user personas
  5. MS Office for PPT

Challenges and learning:

  1. Identifying and connecting with active users of Uber was challenging as many people prefer it's competitors or local autos.


Users have 3 major pain points with Uber app.

1. Often forget their stuff in the cab.

2. Have to switch between different services while on vacation.

3. Difficult to anticipate the size of the cab.

I have talked about possible solutions and new features to address all these pain points. I have also suggested a new idea based on neural networks that will enhance customers experience. 

16 Oct 2022

product management
case study
product owner
product manager

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