Case Study \ Sensibull


Sensibull is the India's largest Options trading platform. The objective of this case study is to understand pain points of Sensibull users and comprehensive analysis of possible solutions. 

Tools & Technologies used:

  1. Google forms for survey
  2. Excel for result analysis
  3. Balsamiq for wireframing
  4. Extensio for creating user personas
  5. MS Office for PPT

Challenges and learning:

  1. Identifying and connecting with active Sensibull users proved to be challenging due to conservative approach towards trading and financial transactions of Indians.

 2. I deep dived into financial markets. I learnt about various perspectives of options traders and expectations from technology. 

3. Consumers expect maximum outcome with minimum efforts while using the apps. 


Customers have 3  major pain points with Sensibull app.

 1. No sense of community.

 2. No back testing feature.

 3. No loss prevention mechanism.

I have talked about possible solutions and new features to address all these 3 pain points. I have also suggested a new idea based on AI that will enhance customers experience. 

20 Aug 2022

product management
software development
case study
product design

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