Case Study \ Airbnb


Airbnb is one of the world's leading travel & stay booking platform. The objective of this case study is to understand pain points of users and comprehensive analysis of possible solutions. 

Tools & Technologies used:

  1. Google forms for survey
  2. Excel for result analysis
  3. for wireframing
  4. Xtensio for creating user personas
  5. MS Office for PPT

Challenges and learning:

  1. Identifying and connecting with active users of Airbn was challenging as many people prefer traditional hotels in India.

2. User penetration is still at nascent stage in India.


Users have 3 major pain points.

1. They have to go through multiple apps to book their vacation.

2. Inability to create own itinerary.

3. Difficult to picture themselves at the location.

I have talked about possible solutions and new features to address all these pain points. I have also suggested a new idea based on neural networks that will enhance customers experience. 

05 Nov 2022

product management
case study

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