ReadandRise_ - Instagram Page

Started working on the project when the client has just 1,564 followers. 

Challenge of the Project - Post consistently and grow the Instagram page to 10K 


Solution (How we approach the project)

We took a Three-Step approach to grow the page

1. Analyzing the popular content in the niche.

2. Creating content based on explore page and hashtag ranking. 

3. Engagement


Collected all the posts ranking on the explore page and top hashtag section

Carefully check these 4 things:

1. Copy used in those content

2. Design

3. Number of Hashtags

4. Engagement rate


Once we found some commonality between these posts, we tried to incorporate those in our content as well. 

For example

> Headlines of a few of the content were similar.

> There were a lot of book recommendation posts ranking on explore page. 

> There were no posts about Book reviews. But since we wanted to publish reviews, we still choose some book reviews in our content plan. 

> Different types of reels and the way they were edited. 


Once the content research was completed, the creation part started. 

Content was created in batches and was scheduled for the week. 


After content research and creation, the focus was on engagement. 

One of the most important things for social growth is engagement with the community. 

It is really an important metric for growth. 

So we started collaborating with a few Instagram pages with a similar following to us. 

Then also commented on 40 posts daily to increase our engagement so the chances of our content ranking on explore page and top hashtag section increase.


After a month of consistent posting, we got lucky. 

Reels started to go viral. 

We created different reels to experiment and one of the reel types started to go viral. 


We capitalized on that and started posting them even more. 

We reached 10K following in just over 3 months. 

Today ReadAndRise_ has 95.2K followers

This was one of the most successful projects I worked on. 


The main insights from this project

1. Do thorough research of the content that is ranked on explore page and top hashtag section

2. Notice what type of content big accounts repurpose. (Create similar content)

3. Not down the copy and design of the popular posts. 

4. Focus on engagement. (Engage as much as possible)

5. Analyze your own content after a month. Recreate what worked best.

05 Apr 2022

social media marketing
instagram growth
content creation

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