LinkedIn Personal Branding

LinkedIn Strategy That Resulted in 3 new retainer clients in two months


Client is a Digital Marketer. 

He needed someone to manage his Personal Brand on LinkedIn and create content strategies to get more calls booked for his services. 


This was one of the easy projects. 

The client already has been working in marketing for a long. 

Had worked with top people and was already established. 

Client already had:

1. A Proven Offer

2. Great Results for the past clients

3. Following of 28.5 K followers on LinkedIn.


This made our work easy. 

We just needed to show people his results. 


This project was done in three steps:

1. First, we connected with his target clients on LinkedIn

2. Created content that would lead people to SALES CALL. 

3. Created a Lead Magnet specifically for people he wanted to work with.


A total of 420 connections were sent in a month. 

After connecting with the prospect, we sent a small introductory message. (Nothing else)

We posted content that would show best results for his clients. 

Screenshot of the proof of LinkedIn and Fb Ads. 


If someone wanted to know more, we would send them the case study to learn more. 


This improved our trust with the people interested. 

And in the next two months without any outreaching and sending cold messages, we acquired 3 clients totally inbound. 


All three clients were retainer and resulted in 60% more revenue. 


Insights from this project

1. Create a Lead Magnet for people interested in your services. 

2. Create content that would show your expertise to potential clients. 

3. Connect with people but don't pitch.  

4. Create interest through your content, and use a lead magnet to book the call. 

05 Apr 2022

LinkedIn Personal Branding
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