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BodyGuider Fitness Theme Page grew over 20K followers organically in the past 7 months


Challenge of the Project - To Grow a Fitness Theme Page organically from the scratch

In the month of December 2021, the Client came up to me to grow a Fitness Page to promote his business. 

We agreed to grow it as a theme page.



As the client was involved in bodybuilding and fitness, he followed many top bodybuilders and fitness experts.

I took the list of all the best bodybuilders. 

Collected their best content online in terms of engagement and reach. 

Started posting that content with due credits. 


Then created a list of other fitness theme pages that were at the starting but had slightly more followers than us. 

Connected with them for engagement and discussed what was working for them to grow their followers and engagement. 


Almost all of them shared the two insights:

  1. The more you post, the faster you grow
  2. Engage with other pages to get better engagement.


For the first 15 days, we were posting 1 post per day. 

Then we decided to optimize our strategy and started posting 3 times per day. 


Commented on 50 posts in the fitness niche per day. 


This strategy started working well for us.


Within a month, the page grew to 1130 followers. 

Then in the next month, the organic growth increased and the page added 2215 more followers 

After just two months of starting the Instagram Page from scratch, we had 3345 followers. 

We continued the strategy with some minor changes along the way. 

Today the page has 21.4K followers and increasing every day. 


Main insights:

Once you know what type of content is working well

- increase the posting frequency

Engage with other pages and build good connections to grow as a community together. 



Here's the testimonial from the client


17 Feb 2022

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