Ultimate SDE Interview Prep Course for an Ed-Tech Startup


  • I have been working in the Founder's Office at Mentro.
  • As part of our revenue generation and expansion model, we built a 6-hour concise crash course to help students and working professionals crack their SDE interviews.


  • The purpose of this course is to provide an affordable and concise guide to aid individuals in preparing for software development engineer (SDE) interviews.
  • Unlike long and cumbersome courses, this course is designed to be crisp and concise, providing individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to crack interviews faster and gain an edge over other candidates.
  • It covers a range of topics, from core preparation for SDE interviews to final round preparation and tips, and aims to equip individuals with the tools necessary to succeed in the competitive job market.


  • I was responsible for every aspect of the course's development, from research and syllabus creation to marketing and revenue generation.
  • I carefully curated the course structure, developed comprehensive notes for each topic, and worked with a team of renowned instructors to deliver high-quality instruction.
  • Additionally, I handled the selection and onboarding of instructors, managed course operations, and collaborated with a marketing agency to create compelling course creatives and marketing funnels.
  • In addition to this, I also managed the Knorish LMS platform where the course is deployed.
  • To enhance the learning experience for students, I created a range of free resources, including a comprehensive must-do DSA questions guide, an interview guide, and E-books.
  • To ensure that instructors delivered engaging and informative lectures, I prepared a script for them to follow and managed a team of developers, designers, and video editors to create high-quality video ads, landing pages, and creatives.


  • My efforts were instrumental in creating a robust and effective course that helped countless students prepare for SDE interviews and achieve their career goals.
  • My contributions helped establish Mentro's brand visibility and reputation in the market & earn Revenue :))

20 Apr 2023

Revenue Generation
Product Development

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