PRD - Review Do (A Video Testimonial Collection & Integration Tool)


  • As part of Crework's Product Cohort, this PRD was created to outline the key features and provide an in-depth analysis of Review Do, a video testimonial collection and integration tool. The goal was to streamline and personalize the testimonial collection process for freelancers and D2C businesses by incorporating video and text testimonials.
  • Although we shelved the idea after talking to potential users, I had a great time deep-diving into the prospective tool and its details.

What I Did

  • User Interviews: Gathered insights on testimonial collection processes and feasibility of video testimonials within a two-week MVP timeframe.
  • Logo Design: Created a visually appealing and professional logo reflecting the brand identity.
  • PRD Development: Developed a comprehensive PRD from scratch, considering customizability, testimonial management, and integration options.

Key Sections

  • About: Overview of Review Do and its features.
  • Problem Statement: Highlighting the power of video testimonials in building trust and increasing conversions.
  • Business Goal: Simplifying testimonial collection and leveraging video marketing for higher conversion rates.
  • User Personas: Segmenting the target audience based on qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Pain Points: Identifying challenges related to testimonial submission forms, limited options, and technical reliability.
  • Competitors: Information on competitors in the testimonial management market.
  • SWOT: Analysis of Review Do's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Target Group: Listing target personas with detailed information.
  • North Star Metric: Identifying the total number of testimonials collected and integrated as the primary metric.
  • MVP Features: Outlining key features, including landing page, testimonial submission form, processing, confirmation pages, workflows, and testimonial management dashboard.
  • User & Business Workflow: Visual representation of the Review Do workflow.
  • Hypothesis: Expected impact of the MVP on testimonials, customer acquisition, and retention.
  • References: List of references used in the document.


  • Testimonial Complexity: Freelancers find the collection process manageable, while D2C brands face challenges with video functionality in the MVP timeframe.
  • MVP Time Constraints: Building a comprehensive testimonial solution with video within two weeks is challenging and requires prioritization.
  • PRD Insights: Customizability, intuitive dashboards, and simple integration options are crucial considerations for the testimonial platform.

27 Jun 2023


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