Deck on Revival, Customer Acquisition & Revenue Generation Strategy for a Local Library

Background : 
The project aims to address the critical situation faced by my favourite local library that faced closure due to declining revenue and lack of customer interest in reading. 


  • Prevent the library from permanent closure
  • Generate revenue and ensure financial sustainability
  • Focus on customer acquisition and retention
  • Revitalize the library as a vibrant community hub for reading and knowledge sharing


  • Extensive research to understand challenges faced by the library
  • Analysis of market trends and competitor research
  • Gathering customer feedback and insights

Key Strategies:

1. Customer Acquisition and Retention:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns to attract new customers
  • Introduction of flexible subscription options to cater to different preferences
  • Engaging existing customers through loyalty programs and incentives

2. Digital Transformation:

  • Develop a user-friendly online platform for seamless access to digital resources
  • Integration of digital technologies to enhance library services and convenience
  • Implementing online surveys and feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement

3. Community Engagement:

  • Hosting community events, book clubs, and author talks to foster a sense of belonging
  • Collaboration with local organizations and schools to expand outreach
  • Creating a multi-functional space by sharing the library with complementary services

4. Reevaluation of Subscription Model:

  • Conduct market research to understand changing reading preferences
  • Introduce flexible options such as one-time rentals and pay-per-use models
  • Gather feedback from current and potential library members to refine the subscription model


  • Understanding the challenges faced by traditional libraries in the digital age
  • Importance of adapting to changing customer preferences and needs
  • Recognizing the potential of community engagement in revitalizing cultural institutions


  • Proposed measures and strategies aim to ensure the sustainability and revitalization of the library
  • By leveraging research and market insights, the project seeks to provide a viable path forward
  • Emphasis on the library's contribution to the community's intellectual and cultural development

19 May 2023

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