How AI Tools Helped Me Create a Concise Crash Course to Crack SDE Interviews


  • I have been working in the Founder's Office at Mentro.
  • As part of our revenue generation and expansion model, we built a 6-hour concise crash course to help students and working professionals crack their SDE interviews.


  • The purpose of this course is to provide an affordable and concise guide to aid individuals in preparing for software development engineer (SDE) interviews.

Focus of the Article

  • In this article, I have articulated how I leveraged the power of AI tools to fastrack the creation of the course by 10x & reduce human effort significantly. 
  • By using AI tools, I relieved myself of scut work & focussed on operations, developing strategies & other important areas of the project. 


  • With the help of AI tools, I could develop the course content, roadmaps & other materials in less than 3 weeks (this included significant amount of time given to research & planning)
  • If I had to do all the tasks myself, it would have taken me well over 2-3 months. Given that I would have to learn video editing, create reels, content from scratch & perform managerial & ops simultaneously at much lesser rate of productivity. 
  • Areas where human effort could not be replaced (should not be in any such project!!) - 
    • Understanding your motive & building on it
    • Scouting & choosing instructors for the course
    • Fine-Tuning Content
    • Building on the Course Outline in depth
    • User Research - Needs, Pain Points & requirements

You can check out the course details here

24 May 2023

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