Jharna Jagtiani

  • Outreach & Content Creation

    Association of Mediation Practitioners

    The efforts for the Mediation Institute resulted in significant outcomes and achievements: Brand Recognition Increase:...

    01 Jul 2028 - 30 Mar 2019

  • The Mastery Memo

    Objective: To deliver practical insights, advice, and resources for personal growth and self-improvement through "The M...

    06 Mar 2024

  • Conflict to Collaboration

    Objective: To shed light on the power and potential of mediation in conflict management through a dedicated newsletter,...

    07 Feb 2024

  • The Career Blueprint

    Objective: To provide a comprehensive roadmap for success, growth, and fulfillment in the professional world through "T...

    01 Apr 2023

  • Legal Launchpad

    Objective: To simplify complex legal concepts and provide valuable insights, guidance, and updates on various legal top...

    01 Mar 2023

  • Consumer Education

    Objective: To empower consumers and raise awareness about consumer rights through a podcast in collaboration with the C...

    04 Oct 2022

  • Peace of Mind

    Objective: To explore various aspects of mental health and wellness, providing valuable insights and resources to help...

    03 Aug 2021

  • Association of Mediation Practitioner

    Objective: To drive marketing and outreach efforts for the Mediation Institute, promoting services and programs while e...

    01 Jul 2018

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