Outreach & Content Creation

Association of Mediation Practitioners 

The efforts for the Mediation Institute resulted in significant outcomes and achievements:

Brand Recognition Increase: Implemented consistent messaging and visual identity, leading to a notable 30% increase in brand recognition.

Digital Growth: Successfully drove a 25% increase in website traffic and achieved a 20% growth in social media followers within six months through targeted outreach and marketing activities.

Content Engagement: Authored and published over 30 posts and articles, resulting in a substantial 40% increase in website engagement and establishing thought leadership in mediation and ADR.

Lead Generation: Organised and participated in more than 10 events, generating over 50 new leads and partnerships.

Strategic Partnerships: Formed 5 new strategic partnerships, contributing to a 15% increase in revenue and expanding the institute's network.

Institutional Recognition: Successfully secured empanelment for mediation services with the Bombay High Court, enhancing credibility and outreach within the legal community.

Collaborative Initiatives: Conducted a successful Mediation Workshop in partnership with the Bombay Bar Association and Mahindra and Mahindra, fostering relationships and showcasing expertise in mediation.

These outcomes demonstrate the impactful results achieved through leveraging effective tools and strategies, overcoming challenges, and fostering collaborative relationships within the legal community to elevate the Mediation Institute's marketing and outreach initiatives.

01 Jul 2028 - 30 Mar 2019

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