Human touch is the most strongest form of human communication 

I didn't know the depth of this sentence until the movie continued 

Starting from the moment we are born where our mother holds us in her arms till the last moment wherein we see our loved one struggle till the last breath 

How do we tend to take life so granted. These daily life routines seem to be normal to us until there is something which differentiates us from the others 

Those daily high fives which we  have with our friends

Those tight hugs with the parents when we bid a good bye to them

Time of togetherness with our loved ones 

Can you even imagine your life without these things 

Life seems to be so loving and nice with everyone but yet it holds most of deepest sorrows 

Within just a blink of an eye a, the person disappears 

At the present moment you seem to be making plans with them and the other moment they disappear 

Without letting you even realize for a second that they are gone

We seem to bd saving so much for future but who knows whether it will come true o not 

Life is all about living the present but we tend to loose years and years of our life just to have that one succesful  lifestyle without having memories with our loved ones 

That's how life is so unpredictable 

You never know what's going to  happen next ,whom you are going to meet ,whom are you going to loose 

To everyone reading this I just want to tell you people one thing just don't waste your time working whole day just so that you can have a good relaxing life in future .

You never know where could you end up. Instead live the present, spending time with your loved ones 

The line I started from is the one bought up from a very famous movie Five Feet Apart 

About how Stella and Will end up falling in love with each other and then Stella ends up losing Will .This movie showed us how self less one could be just for saving the one you love . When Stella falls down the bridge and then gets submerged under the ice cold water while Will runs to save her life. After he grabs her and then brings her out to the surface .Thats the moment.

The moment when he forgot all the rules of staying apart just to save her life. Who could have know that their first touch  would have been like this , when the scene was making every viewer curious about what could happen next cause the bacteria would have been dangerous to both and physical contact would make it more risky .

In the world where people are only getting into relationships for physical touches . These movie  showed us  the worth of  how lovely is  it to still find love with a person you cannot even think about  going close to them 

Faith, trust , understanding are just sophisticated terms for something as beautiful as love.

10 Nov 2022

Five feet Apart
movie review

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