Rodents are small mammals like rats , mice and squirrels. You would have seen many squirrels and rats around your area in the search of food or shelter. After human beings , mice are the most common mammals found.

If rodents are not controlled then it may cause damage to your important accessories or may even destroy the edibles at the kitchen. There are several different types of mice like deer mice, house mice, Norway mice, and roof rats. It is not only necessary to control the population of rodents because they cause damage to our essential things but also because they spread infectious diseases.

For e.g.: Deer mice are responsible for the spread of hantavirus which is caused by the inhalation of dust particles contaminated by the urine and feces of mice. House mice mostly damage the electrical equipment causing electrical sparks that might be hazardous to health. Norway mice are vectors of diseases like  rice plague, jaundice, and roof rats are held responsible for their fleas being associated with bubonic plague.

Statistics depict that rodents seek shelter in more than 21 million homes. Therefore it is very important to catch the rodents and stop them from reproducing a large number. Given below are 5 methods to keep your home rodent-free.

The first method and the most commonly used are the typical multi catch traps with the food bait .Rodents such as  mice and rats are very curious about food even after being color blind and less sensitive towards hearing .Traps are of various types such as snap traps which are used to catch mice followed by killing them whereas on the other hand electronic traps have the ability to kill the mouse with an electronic shock. Live traps catch mice alive without killing them where they can be released into any jungles or forest

• Natural Predator: This method involves keeping natural predators such as cats, hawks, and owls at home. Hawks are likely to eat 3000 mice a year.

• Plants : smell of peppermint acts as a rodent repellants. Other plants such as water hyacinth , camphorine can be planted to keep rodents away 

It can also be done by maintaining a little distance while growing bushes and shrubs .

• Use of seal , steel wool, metal mesh :  Rodents may enter through the small holes present at your home especially through water pipes having cracks or holes or if the window is close to the ground level where the rodents might come through .these cracks and steel can be repaired by applying seal whereas windows can be covered with metal mesh 

Cleanliness: This is the major part of having a rodent free home .Food spilled at the kitchen or leftover are the major attractions of mice. Cleanliness includes kitchen cleaning, avoid keeping food in plastic bags and prefer air tight containers cause plastic bags can be easily torn by rodents .

Use proper disposal methods which includes using dustbins with disposal bag and air tight lids . 

24 Feb 2023

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