I said ‘No’ to Yellophant Digital

These hiring assignments for Yellophant Digital were well-received, however, I had to turn down their offer as I had already committed to another opportunity. By the time their offer came in, I had already begun my journey with a different agency.

The entirety of the hiring assignment is presented below for your reference.

Assignment 1: 

Pick any 1 character from the below image and write any 1 from below:

- Short story 
- Rap
- Poem


- Watermelon Rap Lyrics

- Popcorn Rap Lyrics

Assignment 2:


JW Marriot is launching a new restaurant (open to all), called Malang. The restaurant’s primary objective is to serve cuisines from all across India. This includes; Bengali, Rajasthani, Konkani, Lucknowi, Maharashtian, etc. It also has a Whiskey Tasting outlet for guests and customers alike.

The restaurant wants to stand out as a premium dining experience in Navi Mumbai, catering to authentic tastes from across the country

TG: CEOs, Int Delegates, Corporates, Families, etc. Age: 30-70

Think of a launch strategy for the same, including:

-  Ideas for influencers/food vloggers at Malang (reels + reviews)
-  Social Media Buckets around the chef, food, and ambience (1 bucket on each)
-  Brand Collab Ideas
-  On-site events (walkthrough, bytes)
-  30 sec AV promoting Malang (use table format)

- Assignment Link

Assignment 3: 

Social Media:

Yours Truly is a skincare brand promoting body positivity and self-love. Currently, it has 3 unique products catering to different skin concerns.

Website: https://www.yours-truly.in/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yours_truly.in/ 
TG: Women: 18-60

Topical Post on Women’s Day:
- Creative Format (2in1/GIF/Animation)
- It needs to have a message or takeaway

Write image copy & post copy for any 2 of their products:
- Ex Factor
- Call It Even 
- Get Set Firm

Assignment Link

Assignment 4: 

Write a tagline for:

1. Kurla
2. South Mumbai


Tagline for Kurla:
Bridging the Gap Between Nostalgia and Innovation.

Tagline for South Mumbai:
Where Dreams Rise Higher Than Skyscrapers.

Assignment 5:

Which song would you choose to define yourself (preferably Hindi)


As someone who's deeply imaginative, hardworking, and creative, navigating the world of digital marketing often brings a flood of opinions and feedback. I have certainly encountered my fair share of viewpoints in the past. The beauty of the song "Kuch Toh Log Kahenge" resonates with me profoundly. It carries the essence that people will forever have something to voice, yet it's an art to stay anchored in one's authenticity and let the heart and creativity lead. In my journey, just like the song's message conveys, I have stayed committed to pursuing my dreams and expressing my creative flair without apologies. While I am all ears to what others have to say, I have learned to filter and only let in what truly serves me. It's an approach that's rooted in trusting my instincts and reasoning. In a world where external voices can be overwhelming, this song's sentiment reminds me to be unswervingly myself, forging ahead while embracing the wisdom that comes my way.


04 Aug 2023

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