Engagement Roadblocks with Cynthia Caterers

With 35 years of experience and over 3,000 weddings across India, Cynthia Caterers had an Instagram account that had been inactive for a year. I was brought in to revive it, focusing on creating an aesthetically pleasing profile to generate client inquiries.


  • No videos were available for reel creation.
  • No budget for ads or boosting posts.
  • Limited client images for content.


  • The suggestion to use AI-generated images did not yield engagement.
  • The client’s lack of involvement and the team’s oversight eventually halted posting on the account.

Here is the Canva link containing my copywriting work for the client.

Content Pegs for Cynthia Caterers:

AI-Generated Pics
Format: Static/Reel/Carousel
Description: Use AI-generated images to create visually stunning content showcasing various catering setups and event themes.

Client Testimonials
Format: Carousel/Reel
Description: Share testimonials from satisfied clients, highlighting their positive experiences with Cynthia Caterers.

Why Indian Weddings Are So Fun?
Format: Static/Reel
Description: Create engaging posts that showcase the vibrant and joyful aspects of Indian weddings and events in India, as well as weddings and events from other cultures taking place in India, emphasizing food, decor, and cultural traditions.

Introducing the Cynthia Team - Founder, etc.
Format: Static/Carousel
Description: Feature profiles of the Cynthia Caterers team, including the founder and key members, to build a personal connection with the audience.

Pan India Presence Highlight
Format: Static/Reel
Description: Highlight Cynthia Caterers’ extensive experience with events across India, showcasing their versatility and reach.

Festival and Events-Specific Posts
Format: Static/Reel
Description: Create content tailored to various Indian festivals and events, showing special menus, decorations, and setups.

ISO Certified Post
Format: Static/Reel
Description: Emphasize Cynthia Caterers’ ISO certification, underscoring their commitment to quality and standards.

Storytelling like Humans of Bombay with One Picture of the Client’s Wedding or any Event
Format: Carousel
Description: Tell compelling stories of real weddings and events catered by Cynthia Caterers, accompanied by a single powerful image.

Food Pics, Decor, People, Design
Format: Static/Reel
Description: Share high-quality images and videos of delicious food, stunning decor, happy guests, and elegant designs to attract potential clients.

Hop on Trends and Create Own Trends
Format: Static/Reel/Carousel
Description: Stay updated with current social media trends and hashtags/keywords related to food, events, and catering. Create content that aligns with these trends while incorporating Cynthia Caterers' brand guidelines. Additionally, brainstorm and create unique trends that resonate with the brand's identity and values, ensuring consistency across all posts.

These content pegs were designed by me to enhance engagement and showcase the unique offerings of Cynthia Caterers professionally, creatively and appealingly.

Please note that only Cynthia Caterers and Doriame Design have the rights to use or replicate the content and marketing strategies mentioned here. This work is exclusively created for them.

26 Sep 2023

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